Enjoy the unveiling charms of majestic Dalmatian hinterland, take a breath of fresh air, enjoy the peace and serenity of nature and explore it's beauties!

Drniš is everything man and nature have created in a miraculous triangle intertwined within the southern slopes of the mountain Promina, the river Krka and the area of Moseć, Pokrovnik and Pakovo selo, and the confluence where the rivers Krka and Čikola meet above the waterfalls of Skradinski buk.

Routes through Drniš lead to one of the most beautiful parts of Krka NP - which moves visitors with its preseved nature and richness in flora and fauna. Here you can see and explore water mills, endemic plants and animals - visit te amazing islet of Visovac with its monastery, as well as numerous other historical monuments which foun their ¨strategic¨ place on the river banks of Krka and Čikola. For all true nature lovers and adventurists, the region of Drniš is an ideal location to explore the beauty of nature in all its splendour.

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